Sunday, August 22, 2010

Impact of Indian media on Pakistan

Indian movies and dramas have perilous impact on Pakistan’s media, culture and public. If we talk about TV dramas, the one leading channel of India is Star Plus, which is now favorite TV channel of Pakistani, almost more than other TV channels. Government did try to ban this TV channel but people protests and wants it back. There was a time when Indian drama makers admitted themselves that Pakistani dramas are fabulous and admirable than Indian dramas, but if we see current situation people are more inspire from Indian dramas. Star plus and other private TV channels of India has impact on our public, they show more their culture in their dramas rather than story. Mostly scene of their dramas shows that family is busy in warship of God, in their dramas they mostly show their religion or they are celebrating Hindu customs, in all TV channel in their dramas they regularly present their culture, their traditional events like holy, devali, rakhi, and karva chaut etc, they present their families in heavy jewelry, and that attract Pakistani woman. The ladies saw heavy jewelries wearing by Indian women in Indian dramas they made stupendous perception about India and they impress from Indian culture that in every event family gift heavy jewelry to their ladies but they neglect the fact that it in not actual India, in India half public is suffering from poverty and mostly people live in below poverty line, they are so many ethnic conflicts in India and Muslim are treating like minority in India, especially on those areas where the Hindus are in majority at that places Muslims are not allows to celebrate their tradition. India is not actual that India what they show in their dramas, they only show here positive aspect of their society, their rich culture, their religion, patriotism and loyalty with their country, these kind of thing has also impact in mind of young generation, especially on children, because if they see Indian dramas they will also made positive sketch of India in their mind, now children are more aware from Hindu culture and Hindu tradition than their own culture if they see dramas in which India show loyalty toward their own country and religion than what type of massage Pakistani children are getting, government must think over it, first government should ban over star plus and other Indian private TV channels. Because of Indian media Pakistani Childeren are more aware from Hindu culture and Hindi language than their own culture and language, childerens mix Hindi words in Urdu language and use it in their daily routine. The parents can monitor what their children are watching and the Government can monitor what foreign channels are displaying by setting up a watch committee. Pakistan channel must make those types of dramas in which they should promote our own religion duties because some our TV channels also show Hindu culture in dramas, they must show our own tradition, culture, and customs. Our country is rich in culture many tourists come from whole world to see Kalash culture and see Kalash traditional activities; our different province have different traditions and different customs, we should show these cultures in our dramas to tell our young generation about own traditions.

If we talk about Indian movies they are also promoting loyalty toward India and show hatred against Muslims and Pakistan, in India movies whenever they show some ethnic groups or some terrorist organization they always give them name of Muslims, and Islam. In their movies they show Muslim as extremists. While in India there are so much extremist organization, but in their movies they show Pakistani as extremists. One Indian movie “My name is Khan” which give the massage that all Muslims are not terrorists, in this movie Shah Rukh Khan proclaims, “My name is Khan, and I am not a terrorist!” India ban on that movie, this movie also infuriated Shiv Sena, a Hindu ultranationalist group that advocates snapping all sporting and cultural ties with Pakistan. It launched a campaign against Khan, threatening to stall his film’s release until he apologized and take back his statement, which he refused to do; so burning Shah Rukh Khan’s effigy and shouting slogans like “Shah Rukh Khan, go away to Pakistan!” this show how much hatred India has for Pakistan. In many patriotic programs which they show on their patriotic days they show Pakistani soldiers as extremists, and in the end of movie always Indian soldiers won the war and Pakistani soldiers have to loose. They show their soldiers patriotic and Pakistan’s soldiers as disloyal; and also show AJK as their integral part, and promote that Pakistan force Kashmir’s public to unite with Pakistan. On other hand Pakistan instead raise this issue on international level always show moderate behavior, we should ban Indian movies in Pakistan, but Pakistani cinemas shows Indian movies. In their movies India shows anti-Pakistan feelings, in some movies they show vulgarity. Which shows bad impact on mind of our young generation, through their media India want to role in mind of our generation, our government must take steps to counter India; it must be ban on India transmission in Pakistan. India media always criticize Pakistan in form of dramas and film or in reality, like in Mumbai attacks Indian media show bad image of Pakistan in whole world, in recent meetings of foreign ministers of both countries one Indian newspaper blamed Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi for the “failure” of peace talks. They always criticize Pakistan, and Pakistani shows liberal attitude, now we have to take coercive measures, we are nuclear power and have deterrence so why we always show silence response. Through their media India trying to brain washes Pakistani society and our government is showing moderate behavior.


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  2. salam. ms.sajida hope u r f9.... currently im doing research on "effects of star plus dramas on the students of KUST" im d studnt f kohat im in search of some so kindly can u help me in this regards???? i shall b v.thankful to u 4 this act of kindness... wasalam

  3. Well,After reading your prose in horrendously broken english as an American I wanna say that bollywood does a great job promoting south asian culture here in the west.If everything were left to you Pakistanis,everyone here would just look at a south asian guy and think that he is a suicide bomber.Atleast Indian media is trying to teach some tolerance to a bunch of inbreeding ignorant potential terrorists.Be thankful-Mickey

  4. "In India muslims are not allowed to celebrate their culture". Then Mr writer can u tell u how d population of muslim brothers in India is increasing...and on other hand population of Hindus in ur country is decreasing drasticaly? We luv shah ruk khan bt d speculation which are created,he himself is also responsible and why not same controversy happens wid salman and amir khan der r also muslims.u had used d Hindu word in ur article many time but sir there are Hindus in ur country den wat is wrong to see about hindu culture ,this shows ur disrespect to ur countries secound religion n doubts abuot ur secularism. If ur pakistani melodramas r really good den why did u worry coz good things get appriciated.

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